Creating the first blockchain based land marketplace

FCO (Field Coin Offering) starts on December 4th 2018.

Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land properties to individuals and companies.

Fieldcoin's mission is to bring the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects whilecreating a stable transaction instrument easing the process of land and agribusiness acquisition.

Fieldcoin associates three of the most disruptive innovations: IoT, Blockchain technology, 4.0 Agribusiness Technologies and Crowdfunding.

fieldcoin buy back tokens

Trade Back token

Protect the value of your token

fieldcoin proof of assets


Use your token to buy valuable land property

fieldcoin proof of concept


A working industry to back your token

Fieldcoin Ltd will create the 1st decentralized land property management global marketplace that enables the coordination of countries blockchain-based registry systems in order to facilitate transactions between individuals.

Fieldcoin Ltd will integrate land ownership into its eco-system and monetize the properties on the blockchain using ERC721 tokens.

Fieldcoin ERC20 holders will have access to full land ownership on the platform and will be able to buy, sell and exchange their properties while choosing the planted crops and management type of their farmland at distance.

Educate on the importance of land ownership and agribusiness.

Create a token specific to land trading.

Smoother the process of land transaction.

Providing a tangible solution for cryptocurrency token holders.

Bring liquidities to farmers and small producers.

Modernize current agribusiness infrastructures.

Play on the platform while exchanging and managing crops.

fieldcoin traceability

Inputs and outputs recorded on the blockchain.

Increased accuracy.

Cheaper information recording.

More secure and reliable data.

Transparency and enhanced customer knowledge.

Better coordination between farmers and customers.


1. Fieldcoin Ltd launches Pre-sale and FCO (Initial Coin Offering).
2. Fieldcoin Ltd exchanges ETH collected against FIAT currencies.
3. Fieldcoin Tokens Holders may trade their Tokens on exchanges.
4. With proceeds collected, Fieldcoin Ltd acquires land properties.
5. Fieldcoin Ltd valorises its land acquisitions.
6. Fieldcoin Ltd land properties are traded on the platform.
7. Users send Fieldcoin Tokens to trade physical land and crowdfund agribusinesses.
8. Token Holders send tokens to Fieldcoin Ltd against land property ERC721 Token.
9. New lands owners may decide to let Fieldcoin Ltd manage their lands.
10. Received tokens are traded into Ethereum and FIAT on exchanges.

Fieldcoin guarantees an 80% ratio on the value of your token to the assets in the Ecosystem and the possibility to claim your assets in physical property at a certain rate under the market price. But Fieldcoin gives also:

• The possibility to use your tokens on exchanges at lower risks.
• A good mid- and long-term diversification opportunity.
• An excellent solution to pivot your crypto-currency in times of market crises.

If the price of the Fieldcoin token market cap falls under the threshold ratio of 80% to the Ecosystem’s assets total value, you will get credited for future purchases. This credit amounts to the difference between the set threshold and the market value of the token. To ensure accuracy of the process, every semester, we will have an external company audit our assets and the results will be released to the Fieldcoin community.

Token holders will buy land on Fieldcoin’s platform and pay the full market price displayed on the website. They will be credited with a coupon to buy land for later purchases. The value of the voucher corresponds to the difference between the price drop of the token under the 80% threshold and the actual value of assets in Fieldcoin’s Ecosystem. The coupon can be used on available properties sold by Fieldcoin Ltd on the platform.

Meet Mike, he wants to use his Trade-Back option by claiming a piece of land worth 100 000 USD in times of a crypto-currency market downward trend:

Here is a simulation model of the current market overview at the time of his purchase: The Total Fieldcoin Eco-system property assets equals to 30 000 0000 USD

Current Fieldcoin Token market price equals to 0.023 USD
Number of Fieldcoin Tokens equals to 750 000 000 Tokens
Total Fieldcoin Token market cap equals 17 250 000 USD
We calculate the Token worth ratio to Fieldcoin Assets which equals to 17 250 000 / 30 000 000 = 57.5%
Therefore the Coupon price value equals to the difference between the 80% threshold and this 57.5% Ratio. In this case the Coupon value equals to 22.5% of price of the land bought.

The land Mike has chosen to buy is worth 100 000 USD. As a consequence, a land bought with tokens at current rate will provide Mike with a 22.5% coupon discount that is worth 22 500 USD.

Exchange and manage land properties from anywhere

Participate in the next Agriculture Transition.
Use an innovative E-commerce Platform.
Grow Fieldcoin’s Eco-system
Supporting agribusiness development.
Get your capital back + a % of Fieldcoin Tokens

4.0 Agriculture Innovation

New farming methods & technologies.
Cryptocurrency exchange tools.
Food quality & diversification.
IT monitoring & management.
Blockchain-based registry system


Available Properties

Choose land easily from a wide selection of properties available. Send a quick application for approval to become a land owner or renter

Pay Rent Online

We are creating a marketplace that enables you to rent and pay your land online using cryptomoney and from anywhere

Management Services

Fieldcoin offers efficient and effective management services located in the region where your land property is located

Access basic facilities such as
water and electricity

Improve logistics by improving roads,
building infrastructure

Promote local employment through
agriculture education

Fieldcoin Ltd will improve your land quality and value

FCO Allocation of funds

fund fieldcoin

Ecosystem Asset Reallocation

fund fieldcoin

FCO Distribution

M %
FCO 600 M 60%
Token Bonus 170 M 17%
Token Reserve 100 M 10%
Bounty 20 M 2%
Team 90 M 9%
Private Sale 20 M 2%
Total Supply 1000 M 100%
land management
  • Q3 2017

    Agricultural Land and Blockchain market research

  • Q4 2017


  • Q1-Q3 2018


  • March 2018

    Project Release
    to the public

  • December 4th 2018

    (Field Coin Offering)

  • Q1 2019

    Trading and Crowdfunding Platform Release

  • Q2 2019

    1st Fieldcoin’s Eco-system Land Acquisition and Rent

  • Q2 2019

    1st Fieldcoin Eco-system Land Sold

  • Q3 2019

    1st Agribusiness FCO Crowdfunding using Fieldcoin tokens

  • Q3 2019

    Phone Apps

  • Q4 2019

    1st Coordination of Blockchain-based land registry systems

  • 2020

    1st Fieldcoin’s Eco-system Valorized land sold

Marc Couzic

Founder & CEO
IT entrepreneur and Agribusiness expert

Alexandre Palubniak

Web Project Manager
12 years Web and Art Director.
Designer in multimedia visual communication

Mamadou Konaté

Lawyer and PHD
Tax and Banking Law
Rayane Hocine

Rayane Hocine

Marketing Expert
Inseec and HEC Paris,
Magna Numeris, SureRemit, Humaniq

Jani Viellard

Acquisition Manager
Restaurant manager,
crypto trader and land investor

Jeremie Joncas

Chief Operating Officer
SME Entrepreneur
and crypto trader

Damien de Riberolles

Land Expert Manager
Master of Agriculture & Environment
15 years land management experience

Lee Raj

Solidity Developer
ERC725, GN Compass,

Subramanian Venkatesan

Blockchain Architect
Vemba, Dice Money,
Nothern Block

David Marandai

Eastern European Ambassador


José Miguel Núñez

Motion Designer

Cannes Lions shortlist

Danny Montaner

Development Manager
WC and E-sports Player of the Year 2005 Gaming and Software Manager
Licensed Realtor in USA Florida

Ali Ayyash

Technical Expert
Amazon, Google,
Lumeos, Beetoken.

Dr Hayat Ullah

Agricultural Expert
PHD Scholar 9 international
publication awards.

David Teruzzi

Technical Expert
EOS France, Carrefour, Domraider Flashmoni,
BTU protocol ERC808.

Joachim Lebrun

ICO Advisor
Veolia, Hydrocoin,

Elizabeth Waddington

Environnemental Expert
150+ Articles about permaculture
and environment.

Ali Yazbek

Public Relations

CEO Journal du Token

Chen SiYuan

Chinese Relations
Baanx, Dataeum
Socialwallet, Buddy
Waqas Nakwha

Waqas Nakwha

E-commerce Expert
CEO of KartBlock
and 27avenue

Corey Jackson

Development Advisor
Co-founder Creata, Advisor MyCryptoBank
Vendio, AvailCom, UrbitData.
bitcoin exchange guide
tech london
good audience